Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Longer Gluten-Free

Well, it seems that Ben doesn't have a problem with gluten - just wheat - for now, anyway! So I've been experimenting with rye, and he's been okay. Both sourdough bread and bagels have turned out rather tasty, according to my dear husband. I made both with a rye sourdough starter and used gluten-free, all-purpose flour to minimize the impact of allergens on Ben's system.

I've also been playing with lacto-fermentation... and we've had some yummy sauerkraut and pickles! A couple other attempts at fermenting fruits and vegetables turned out okay, but I'm not sure how many other people would find them appetizing.

One thing that I've been finding to help with Ben's asthma is raw honey. He has it on his organic, greek-style yogurt every day, and it does seem to be participating with other remedies in keeping his airways open. I'm so grateful for God's grace in leading me to natural remedies. The drugs have such side affects that we'd like to minimize their use wherever possible.

So when I have a few more minutes, I'll post some recipes.... kefir, whey, fluffy oatmeal pancakes, sourdough bread, sourdough bagels, pickles and sauerkraut...

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christy said...

Debbie, could you post your sauerkraut recipe? I've been looking at trying some fermented vegetables--any good success? Also, are you making your own kefir? How has that been? Would love to hear when you get a chance!