Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Homemade Chicken Stock

There are so many recipes that call for Chicken Broth or Stock, and I can't find anything at the grocery store that I can use. So I've taken to making my own and freezing it in 4 cup quantities. It doesn't require a lot of work... mostly just time.

5 lb chicken with giblets
3 large carrots
3 large stalks celery
1 -2 bay leaves

Remove giblets from chicken, rinse, and place in 3 qt saucepan. Fill pan with cold water, cover and bring to boil over high heat. Reduce heat to medium and simmer, covered, for 6 hours, checking liquid level every hour or so. Refill water during the first four hours. After 6 hours, remove from heat. Strain. Discard all solid material.

Clean and peel carrots and celery. Chop into 1 - 2 inch pieces.

Rinse chicken under cold water. Place in 8-quart stock pan. Fill pan with water. Add carrots, celery and bay leaves. Cover and bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 6 hours. Refill water during first four hours. After six hours, remove from heat. Strain. Add strained giblet broth. Season to taste with salt & pepper. Allow to cool and skim fat from surface. Measure out four-cup portions and place in freezer bags.

Remove chicken meat from the bones and refrigerate. Should be used within three to five days or frozen. Keep in mind that it will shred, and its texture will be soft from cooking so long - not meat to use when you want a nice presentation (best for chicken salad or pot pie).

Vegetables can be discarded or used in a soup. They will be very mushy - but very flavorful!


John said...

We shop at Weis. They carry a gluten-free chicken stock we have used for recipes. It is from Kitchen Basics. They make other types of stock as well. Here is their web site.


Debbie said...

Thanks for your comment. For those who are cooking simply for gluten issues, this will be a great option!

For those on a migraine diet, be sure to check the ingredients list. Most chicken stocks have "natural flavors", sugars of some kind, onions and/or garlic. Many also have MSG.